Is there a limit to this?

No, there's not! You can OTP as many times you want, enjoy cashing out.

What is an OTP bot?

An OTP (One-Time Password) bot is a telegram bot designed to automatically obtain codes from victims. Using advanced scripts & features, you can get any OTP code used to log in many company accounts, EG: PayPal, Coinbase. Massively profitable.

How do I redeem the key?

Use the /redeem command on our telegram bot you can find at: https://t.me/HeavenOTPBot!

I purchased, how do I OTP someone?

This is a one step answer. All you need to do is the /call command on our telegram bot. EG: ⚠️Example: /call 12139162468 18888888888 Paypal John 6 ☎️ /call Number SpoofNumber Service Name OTPDigits

What are the payment methods?

Currently, we allow cashapp and crypto: BTC, ETH, USDC, DOGE, LTC, DAI, BCH, APE, SHIB, USDT We will add PayPal in the future!

Who are you?

We're a OTP business that plans to never quit. We offer many features that others don't, such as: Call spoofing, Accept/Deny Very advanced custom scripts Immaculate support, you can ask us anything! and lastly, 24/7 uptime, we NEVER go down.

What features does the OTP bot have?

📲 Accept/Deny Code - Choose whether the code is correct. ☎️ Number Spoofing - Messages sent from a trusted source. 🗂 Custom Scripts - Tailor messages to your specific needs. 🎤 Call Recording - Record and archive your calls. ⚡️ Instant calls - Instant OTP delivery with absolutely no delay. 🔐PGP & Recall - Call forwarding and recalling. 🔍 Detections - Advanced features to ensure message delivery. 🔊 Voicemail Detection - Identify if the victim is unavailable. 👨 Human Detection - Recognize if a human answered the call. 🔇 Silence Detection - Detect when someone is not available.


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